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ARSEA Membership

Membership Categories

Principal Members

Anyone retired from state or municipal government that receives retirement benefits through the Employees’ Retirement Systems (ERS) of the State of Alabama is classified as a Principle Member of ARSEA.

State, City, County, Public Board, State Department of Education, Youth Services, Rehabilitation, Extension Service and Beneficiaries.

Auxiliary Members

Spouses, siblings or children of “Principle Members” are eligible for ARSEA membership and classified as Auxiliary Members.

Cost-Saving Member Benefits

As an ARSEA member, you have access to a full range of special benefits, many of which will save you money! From insurance to Internet services, these special programs can help you in your retirement.

ARSEA dues are only $6.75 per month, which is just a fraction of the amount you will receive in COLA increases. For a monthly payroll deduction, sign and mail the enclosed application. If you prefer to pay the entire year, please return the application along with a check for $81.00.

Check combined membership and join your spouse as an auxiliary member for only two extra dollars. Auxiliary members will also receive the $4,000 accidental death insurance, discounts and other ARSEA benefits.

ARSEA is a non-partisan, public retiree advocacy group with over 20,500 members and, as an organization, remains very dedicated to its main purpose – your retirement income.

ARSEA’s primary focus is the promotion and protection of your rights and benefits as a retiree receiving a monthly income from the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA).

RSA manages and invests the funds for your base retirement benefit which allows you to receive no more or less than the amount of your first retirement check. It’s ARSEA’s job to persuade the Alabama Legislature to appropriate the additional funds needed to provide cost-of-living increases

ARSEA has built its reputation on successful COLA legislation and strong political action. About every other year, ARSEA succeeds in winning COLA benefits for members. With a growing membership for over 25 years, ARSEA has moved to the forefront as the most influential lobbying group for public retirees in this state.