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ARSEA/APEAL represents retirees and employees eligible to retire at both a state and local level. We are a non-partisan, public retiree advocacy group with over 17,000 members whose main purpose is protecting your retirement income. 


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Issues and Benefits District Meetings Begin


ARSEA/APEAL will soon begin our annual series of 20 district meetings held across Alabama, and we encourage you to plan to attend the gathering located nearest you.  If you know of a retiree or former co-worker, invite them to attend, as well, so they may experience firsthand the benefits of membership.


The meetings are scheduled to coincide with the 2024 legislative session, so you will be privy to current information about our efforts and how you can encourage lawmakers to pass favorable legislation. 


During this session, we will lobby lawmakers to approve our plan for retirement increases.  In addition, we are supporting a constitutional amendment that will allow a state lottery and casino gaming to operate in Alabama because revenues can be used to fund and improve future retirement benefits.


The district meetings will allow you to meet and hear from incoming ARSEA/APEAL executive director Lindsey Ward, who will take over the daily operations of our association when current executive director Liane Kelly retires in April.


State Senate and House members, along with local elected officials, often attend our district meetings in each area to share their positions on issues and allow you important one-on-one opportunities to outline your views to them.


Representatives from groups such as the State Employees’ Health Insurance Program, the Retirement Systems of Alabama, the Alabama Department of Senior Services, AMBA and others have been invited to make informative presentations.


There is NO cost to attend, and meetings last about an hour.  We allow 30 minutes before the meeting for attendee registration and one-on-one interactions with our staff, speakers, and elected officials.


Please make plans to attend a meeting in your area so you can continue to stay informed and stand strong together.  RSVPs are not required but are appreciated so we can be better prepared.  Please reply to this message with your name, phone number and desired location or call 334-834-9116.


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