FOREPAC routinely makes contributions to candidates on the state, county, and municipal government levels, and we have been very successful in electing candidates that understand and support the issues that are important to us.

The FOREPAC Board and its District Advisory Chairs are one of our most important leadership groups. FOREPAC District Area Chairs share the recommendations of FOREPAC members in their district to the FOREPAC Board which evaluates each candidate on their history of support of retirees and/or employees and their benefits.


The current FOREPAC District Area Chairs are as follows:


Eldridge Grant, District 1       

Charles Hyland, District 2

Lloyd Faulkner, District 3

Gene Brown, District 4   

Tommy Langham, District 5   

Lawrence Weaver, District 6

Buck Lee, District 7        

Robert McCollough, District 8

Thomas Moore, District 9      

Jackie Peake, District 10

Tony Dozier, District 11

Jane Griffin, District 12

Winkler Sims, District 13       

Peggy Grubbs, District 14      

Ken Mays, District 15

Stan Skipworth, District 16

Peggy Harris, District 17

Geoff Statum, District 18       

Betty Moore, District 19

Jim Russell, District 20




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