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The Alabama Legislature awarded final passage to our ARSEA/APEAL longevity bonus legislation for retirees the week of March 28th and sent the measure to Gov. Kay Ivey’s desk for review and signature.  The governor previously indicated to our staff that she is supportive of the bill and will allow it to become law.


House and Senate members on Tuesday reconciled differences in the versions previously passed by each chamber, which allowed the bill to secure final passage.


The legislation that was passed includes our original requested formula of $2.00 per month or $24.00 per year multiplied by years of creditable service.  Using our formula, a retiree with 25 years of service, for example, would receive a bonus totaling $600 ($24 x 25 years = $600).  As specified in our bill, the bonus will be distributed in a separate payment by RSA to state retirees in April and local government retirees will receive the bonus in October when approved by their local entity.  Beneficiaries qualify for our bonus, as well.


ARSEA/APEAL is most grateful to Sen. Del Marsh (R - Anniston), who sponsored our bill for the past two years and worked tirelessly to push it to passage.  We also appreciate the efforts and cooperation of Sen. Bobby Singleton (D-Greensboro),who carried the companion bill for retired educators, State Rep. Chris Sells (R - Greenville), who carried the bill in the House, and the General Fund budget committee chairmen, Rep. Steve Clouse (R - Ozark) and Sen. Greg Albritton (R - Range).


Once Gov. Ivey signs the bill into law, the second and equally important phase of our task begins.  ARSEA/APEAL will begin contacting cities, counties, local boards, and commissions across the state and work to convince them to fund the retiree bonus.  Our staff will spend the next several months traveling to every corner of the state, meeting with local officials, lobbying on behalf of the local retiree bonus, and rallying our members to join the effort with phone calls, letters, emails, and visits to their local boards, city halls and county courthouses.


If you are interested in joining our local government retiree bonus efforts , please call our office at 334-834-9116 or 800-844-7732 or via email (retire@arsea.org) and find out how you can help.






ARSEA/APEAL held its annual Legislative Day at the Alabama State House on Wednesday, March 9th as members from across the state gathered in Montgomery to personally lobby lawmakers on behalf of our longevity bonus legislation for state and local retirees.


Our association was well represented in the corridors and committee rooms of the State House as members from Muscle Shoals to Mobile, Auburn to Tuscaloosa, and other areas of the state took part in our major grassroots effort.


The ARSEA/APEAL delegation was in the audience when the House Ways and Means General Fund Committee awarded a favorable report to Senate Bill 111, which is our longevity bonus legislation sponsored by Sen. Del Marsh (R - Anniston) and Sen. Greg Albritton (R - Range). The House version is sponsored by Rep. Chris Sells (R - Greenville).


Following the vote, ARSEA/APEAL members personally thanked members of the committee and its chairman, State Rep. Steve Clouse (R - Ozark), for approving our measure.


An evening reception hosted by FOREPAC at the RSA Plaza Terrace, located just across the street from the State House, attracted several House and Senate members during their evening recess.


We appreciate everyone who took time to join our lobbying effort in Montgomery.  Nothing is more effective in passing legislation than the personal, one-on-one request of voters from a lawmaker’s home district.


See below for pictures of this year's Legislative Day:


 Senator Holley and Buck Lee


 Montgomery Members



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